Exceptional healthcare makes no exceptions.
That’s why with Healthblocks 360 — our multi-specialty and multi-branch clinic management system — we make sure to cover all bases. It’s a simple, innovative, and intuitive platform that helps simplify a medical practitioner’s work. Use it to schedule patient appointments. Track your clinic’s inventory, income, and expenses. Manage patient records securely and privately. These features are the building blocks of enhanced patient service that puts a premium on expertise and care.
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Manage your practice anytime, anywhere
We know that as doctors and healthcare professionals, you’re always busy and on the go. So we’ve made our platform cloud-based. This means you can manage your clinic anytime, anywhere—on any device. Access your schedule from your smartphone. Take a look at finances from different branches. View and create reports on your tablet. All the information you need is at the tip of your fingers.
Your personal assistant
Seize the day by seeing the day ahead. Our patient appointment scheduling is designed to manage your and your patient’s time better. The simple appointment system includes personal reminders to them, so they never miss a consultation and your clinic hours are optimized. Plus, you’ll know exactly what’s in for today, tomorrow, or even days ahead before you step into the clinic.
COVID19 Health Declaration
Health declarations are now the norm. But for added safety, we’ve made it contactless, too. Through the use of QR codes, patients and visitors can fill out forms before going to the hospital or clinic. No more fiddling with pen and paper—a smartphone will do. QR codes are easy-to-install and convenient. They also provide a hygienic way of signing in to your clinic, keeping you, your patients, and staff safe.
Onboarding and Training
Every new technology comes with a learning curve. That’s why we offer tailored onboarding and training to owners and staff. We value your time, and we want to know the most effective way we can all be on the same page. So our personalized approach includes live demos, instructional videos, and guided support. We also welcome questions—lots of them. This way, everyone can use Healthblocks 360 not just as beginners, but as active and satisfied users.
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